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Sune Carlsson Awarded Harry Nye Trophy

Human Interest - Author: Anders Högland - October 11, 2017

Sune Carlsson is a very devoted starboat sailor and a member of ISCYRA since 1950. He has served the Star class in many ways – successfully participating in countless championships, designing and building starboats, many years commitment in the class organization, engaging and coaching new and young starsailors and for decades organizing local star regattas.

Sune has so far participated in seventeen World Championships, twenty European Championships and fifty-nine Swedish Championships with numerous top results. As best he was second in the World Championships 1977 after legend starsailor Dennis Connor. At the age of 85 he is still talking of participating in a big championship.

He has also represented Sweden as active helmsman in the star class in the Olympic Games 1960 and as a team coach in two other Olympic Games.

With very intensive contacts with some members of the board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sune substantially contributed to the decision that the star class could again be part of the games in Sydney in the year 2000 and further on until the games in London 2012.

Sune built his first starboat in 1953  - SWE3342 – and since then he has designed and built as many as 136 starboats, most of them very fast and competitive.

Sune Carlsson has been the fleet captain of Rasta Star Fleet for more than fifty years. Under his presidency the fleet has attracted many new members and every year successfully organized local regattas. According Sune’s opinion local fleet activities are basic and very important for the class development. He also served many years as the president of the Swedish Starsailors Federation.

Sune Carlsson is a charismatic person with a big and warm heart.  For Sune the social and the camaraderie values within the Star class are very important. He has always contributed to that spirit. Many times you have found Sune helping competitors fixing their damaged boats between the races instead of trying to tune his own boat to be faster or planning for his own success in the next race. That is genuine Star class camaraderie.

Anders Högland
Life member of ISCYRA