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VOTE NOW - 2006 Resolutions and Officers
By Bill Allen, ISCYRA President
Nov 18, 2005, 09:35

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IMPORTANT: Correction to ballot and resolutions as of 11/29/05

Explanation of 2005 for 2006 Amendments

I would just like to remind everyone to vote for your class officers and the 2006 resolutions before December 9. The Class Management Committee and International Governing Committee recommend voting YES on all the amendments. Some are Housekeeping, and some are minor changes to our by-laws.

Of particular interest is resolution #11, which outlines some changes in race format and courses permitted at our major events. The intent is to permit shorter races than our currently prescribed length of approximately 10 miles, and to permit up to 3 races to be sailed in one day. Proposed Rule 34.3 prescribes the criteria for use of alternate formats and course lengths. Please note that the Class Management Committee must approve the format to be used, and may approve formats based on other factors than the number of competitors.

It is anticipated that smaller venues may use shorter courses and more races for a series, subject to the fleet size criteria. Please note that these “shorter courses” are still of significant length, even for small fleet events under Format “C”

Resolutions #4, #5, and #15 should be taken in conjunction with #11. #4 and #5 require a minimum of six races for World and Continental championships, but allow more races, in the event a shorter course format is selected and approved. #15 removes the inflexible time limit of 3 ½ hours, which would not be appropriate for shorter courses.

I would point out that the concept embodied in these amendments has been used in practice for many years. In small lakes, for example, major events have had shorter races, but have been constrained to 2 races per day, and 6 races for the series. This amendment would legitimize the shorter races, and permit 3 per day, so 8-10 races would be possible for a major event.

In most of the non Star Class sponsored events that we compete in because of our Olympic status (MOCR, Kiel Week, etc), shorter races are sailed with generally good competitor response.

Therefore, I would strongly encourage a YES vote for resolutions #4, #5, #11 and #15.

Please feel free to contact me or any other CMC/IGC member if you have questions about these amendments.

Bill Allen

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