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Star Class News

April 2003 News

Powering Up

Technical - Author: Mark Reynolds - April 16, 2003
Based on the positive response on the article on depowering, this month I was asked to discuss powering up. Questions like "How do you keep that crew over the side as long as possible in lighter conditions?" and " When it's&nb...

Preparing Your Mast

Technical - Author: Mark Reynolds - April 16, 2003
Before you step your rig next time, take a minute to check a few things out.You should look it over to help prevent any potential problems and there area few adjustments to check. You don't need a failure that may put you out ...

A Star Is Reborn

Technical - Author: James Keesling - April 16, 2003
"There is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." (Kenneth Graham). Some people say that there is nothing better than finding an old Harley in a barn that has been sitting there...

Becoming A Better Crew

Technical - Author: Phil Trinter - April 16, 2003
The crew position on a Starboat is regarded as one of the most challenging in all of sailing. It require strength, agility, and a good knowledge of what it takes to win. I have been sailing full time in the Class since 1992. Over ...

Finding The Perfect Crew

Technical - Author: Alex Hagen - April 16, 2003
Oh boy - to be honest this is the most difficult thing in the world. When I started sailing a Star I put a lot of energy into this. I could neither find a suitable person among my Laser and OK-Dinghy companions, nor in my club or ...


Technical - Author: Magnus Liljedahl - April 16, 2003
I always loved sailboat racing. There is nothing that I would rather do. To line up on the starting line and then play the game is what it is all about. To succeed, you must stick with the sport for a long time. There is alwa...

How Star Sails are Made

Technical - Author: Mark Reynolds - April 16, 2003
The overall dimensions of the main and jib are pretty well defined by the class rules. You normally go to the maximum dimensions, but there are a few dimensions that are short of maximum. The most extreme being the jib luff which ...

Light Air Upwind Gears

Technical - Author: George Szabo - April 16, 2003
Trying to go fast in light air (4 - 9 knots) requires a shift in priorities from sailing in breeze. In breeze where we want to have flatter sails the opposite is true in light air. Because we are looking for power, fuller draft af...

Tips on Winter Star Boat Storage

Technical - Author: John MacCausland Sr. - April 16, 2003
It is very important that a Starboat is stored properly for the winter. Ideal storage is a dry warm area. Unfortunately this type of storage is not available to many of us. So, we must take steps to protect our Star in a less than...

Combatting Windy Conditions with a Light Crew

Technical - Author: Eric Doyle, 1999 World Champion - April 16, 2003
One of the more frequently asked questions I receive is, "My crew and I are a little on the light side-- how do I set up the boat when it is windy?" Now, I am going to outline some changes you can make to your boat to help when t...

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