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Blue Star Championships


The first time the 1st District Championship was held was in 1925. At the time it was called the Atlantic Coast Championship because the series was raced for by boats from the entire Atlantic seaboard. The original trophy was called the Pandora Trophy. From 1925 to 1927 the trophy was awarded to the boat having the highest score in the last three races of the World's Championship by entries representing fleets on the Atlantic seaboard. The winner of the first Championship was Adrian Iselin, in Ace, #202. Iselin was to win the Championship again in 1945, once again using Ace, #202.

In 1928 the World's Championship went to Newport Harbor, California. Because of this, beginning in 1928 the Atlantic Coast Championship was held as a separate event, sometimes as a three and sometimes as a five race series.

In 1929 the Pandora Trophy was retired because it was won for the third time by a C.L.I.S. entrant. (A rather quaint custom from the old days!) Frederick T. Bedford, also of the C.L.I.S., immediately donated a new perpetual Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy to be raced for starting in 1930. This has since become the 1st District Championship Trophy. Incidentally, this is the same Bedford who donated the Bedford Pitcher.

In 1948 the 2nd District began to have its own District Championship, and from that time on the 1st District alone raced for the Atlantic Coast Championship Trophy.

1925 Ace Iselin WLIS
1926 Ardara Starring CLIS
1927 Mackerel Smith ChB
1928 Colleen Bedford CLIS
1929 Okia II Watkins CLIS
1930 Okia II Watkins CLIS
1931 Moonshine Atwater NB
1932 Moonshine Atwater NB
1933 Moonshine Atwater NB
1934 Chuckle Halsted MorB
1935 Chuckle Halsted MorB
1936 Rhythm Abberley CLIS
1937 Jay Ogilvy WLIS
1938 Jubilee Atkin WLIS
1939 Migs Turner WLIS
1940 Spirit Ogilvy WLIS
1941 Fo Fo Picken GSB
1942 Chuckle V Halsted MorB
1943 Gull Havemeyer GSB
1944 Shillalah Etchells WLIS
1945 Ace Iselin WLIS
1946 Independence II Dominy GSB
1947 Draco II Ketcham GSB
1948 Shillalah Etchells WLIS
1949 Shillalah Etchells WLIS
1950 Armade Deacon WLIS
1951 Mate Clark SLIS
1952 Mate Clark SLIS
1953 Desiree Hild ERF
1954 Vengeance Gentzlinger HB
1955 Audion Farrand CLIS
1956 Star of the Sea Duplin BH
1957 Shannon Etchells CLIS
1958 Shannon Etchells CLIS
1959 Sonseeahray Duplin BH
1960 Flame Ogilvy WLIS
1961 Tsunami A. Beard GSB
1962 Vengeance III Gentzlinger HB
1963 Flame Ogilvy WLIS
1964 Desiree Hild ERF
1965 Tsunami A. Beard MorB
1966 Hilarius H. Smart CA
1967 Tsunami A. Beard MorB
1968 Heather Lynn WLIS
1969 Guacharo Burtis SLIS
1970 Finesse Flynn ELIS
1971 Guacharo Burtis SLIS
1972 Whippet Egger BH
1973 Sadalsuud Webster BH
1974 Star of the Sea Duplin BH
1975 Arriba Beam SLIS
1976 Brillo Zambella BH
1977 Volare Duplin BH
1978 Star of the Sea Duplin BH
1979 No Name Fisher BH
1980 Owl Costa BH
1981 Owl Costa BH
1982 Morning Star II W. Batchelor Mid
1983 Bingo M. Batchelor Mid
1984 U-2 Hovey Mid
1985 #6963 Adams NB
1986 #6378 Adams NB
1987 #6378 Adams NB
1988 Serendipity Watson CLIS
1989 #7302 Adams NB
1990 #7265 Mahaney NB
1991 #7506 Shiebler NB
1992 #7324 Safford CA
1993 #7468 Sandstrom BH
1994 #7728 Sandstrom BH
1995 #7324 Safford CA
1996 Not Sailed
1997 #7604 Morris CasB
1998 #7847 Safford CA
1999 #7728 Lombard Mid
2000 #7847 Safford CA
2001 #7817 Fiumara CA
2002 #7465 Cesare Mid
2003 #7817 Fiiumara CA
2004 Kimmar Cesare Mid
2005 Hayaku Lombard Mid
2006 Ciao Bella Swigart CLIS
2007 Team Poseidon Boliakis CLIS
2008 #8159 Proctor CLIS
2009 #8177 J. Smith CA
2010 #8177 J. Smith CA
2011 #8067 Hornos BH
2012 #8067 J. Smith CA
2013 #8367 Watson CLIS
2014 #8229 T. Hornos BH
2015 #8177 T. Hornos BH
2016 #8229 T. Hornos BH